As a first time home buyer in SF my wife and I were overwhelmed to say the least and Todd Wiley came through.  We knew nothing, literally, of the process and Todd calmly guided us through the tempestuous waters of the SF real estate scene.  While at first we thought he was primarily focused on Sunset neighborhoods, he took the time to show us homes in other areas as well; all the while being mindful of our wants, needs and budget.  Todd has vision.  He could see through the fixer-uppers and spot real value.  In our case, we toured a lot of ramshackle moldy dumps with half-floors and possum families or God knows what rodent odors emanating from them – we were set on living in the Richmond.  One home that we toured smelled so strongly of urine that we ran screaming but Todd kept a level head and advised us not to overreact.  We ended up buying the Piss-Palace and guess what – the smell was removed after a good professional cleaning.  The home we bought also had a tenant in the illegal in-law in the basement which was a deal-breaker for us as we had no desire to be landlords but again Todd’s levelheaded vision prevailed. We ended up purchasing he home vacant at no additional cost to us. Todd Wiley knows the SF real estate market and can be trusted to deliver.

- Michael R. | San Francisco, CA

664 18th Avenue