“Earlier this year I was referred through a law firm to work with Todd and Kim Wiley for a challenging sale of my mother’s four unit building on 16th Avenue in the Richmond District of San Francisco.  They have worked tirelessly since I hired them in May to bring us to an eminent sale this December.  Because I was the trustee of my mother’s estate and I live in New York City, this sale was especially challenging due to my proximity and matters involving a beneficiary who refused to move so that we could settle the estate.  Needless to say, the whole saga with this person has been difficult and literally mind-boggling due to an agreement he signed which involved a third party who attempted to purchase his 1/3 of the property which was not his to sell because it was held in the family trust.  It was extremely difficult to nullify the agreement, remove this cloud from title and get this person to move on!  I am making light of this and everything that took place, but the extent we had to go to involved the hiring of a litigation attorney which Todd suggested, forcing progress but dragging things out for months.  Todd has been exceptionally patient and generous in his time to advise, recommend and facilitate the steps to move the process forward; ultimately the property came to market this past November, bringing it to closure in December.  As I have never sold property before, my knowledge about the process was completely carried forth with Todd’s professional guidance and Kim’s gentle hand.  Dealing with these hurdles and the emotions often presented by the various personalities involved; including the existing tenants, they remained even-keeled, non confrontational and task focused.  Their handling of difficult trust matters involving complex interpersonal family differences is a willingness, specialization, and expertise not many brokers possess or are prepared to handle.  Simply put, they took the time and exercised great patience to nurture a difficult situation which ultimately led to a successful transaction and closure to an episode of my life that I am happy to put behind me.  I cannot recommend Todd and Kim and their network of professionals enough.”

- Paul W. | New York, NY

Large duplex in Central Richmond

Large duplex in Central Richmond, but so much more than meets the eye; visit 747-749 16th Ave soon because it won’t last. Featuring two large 3 bedroom 2 bath units (one vacant) and 2 additional unwarranted units; Unit A- 2 bedroom unit (vacant) and Unit B- 1 bedroom 1 bath rented for $1,625. This property was built in 1984 and the two larger 3 bed 2 bath units are not governed by rent control. Having been owned by the same family since its construction and being incredibly well maintained, this property displays pride of ownership like few I’ve represented. The vacant 3/2 and 2/2 units will be shown on the weekend. It is a fantastic investment for any owner occupier or investor alike. Trust Sale-limited disclosure.

Offers reviewed 12/7/16 by 4 PM.