14 Southwood Drive

The seller of 14 Southwood allowed us to bring in a landscape designer. Tearing out the dead lawn in the front yard and replacing it with new plants and ground cover greatly enhanced the curb appeal. The landscaping in the backyard also made a huge difference, it now feels like a peaceful oasis. The weeds were cleared and replaced with new a new lawn, trees, plants and ground cover.

The interior of this home was elegantly staged throughout. Staging is critical to our print and online marketing efforts, as staged homes are more photogenic and attract more prospective buyers. In our market, most residential property is staged to some degree. Staging can be as simple as removing some furniture and personal items to allow the home to feel more spacious, calm and neutral. In many cases, we will recommend painting, maintenance, repairs, professional staging and other cosmetic improvements.

We prepared this property by:
Painting the exterior trim white (the house had just been painted, but the trim and the house were both painted the same color yellow)
Painting the front door
Landscaping the front of the home
Adding fresh sod and landscaping the backyard
Painting deck in the back yard
Hauling items left behind in the garage and basement
Staging the home throughout