The Flow of Real Estate Transactions:
A Sellers Guide to Selling Real Estate for
the Best Possible Price

Phase 1

Initial Consultation

- Understand your needs, priorities, and time frames
- Examine local market conditions
- Determine market value of property
- Discuss pricing and marketing strategies
- Define Agency relationship
- Explain how we will work together

Signed Listing Agreement

- Open escrow with title company
- Order Preliminary Title Report
- Review and address any potential issues found in Preliminary Title Report
- Order 3R Report
- Order HOA documents if necessary

Prepare Property for Market

- Perform pre-inspections
- Make repairs and improvements
- Consider new paint
- Maximize property presentation
- Remove clutter, stage, partial stage


- Complete seller disclosures on property condition,
history and improvements
- Review and sign all available disclosures and reports

Phase 2

Listing Preparation

- Schedule professional photographer
- Write property description
- Create marketing materials
- Ensure all disclosures and marketing materials
are complete
- Enter property listing into MLS


- Prepare customized marketing plan for your property
- Implement extensive Internet and Social Media marketing campaign
- Distribute property flyers
- Leverage Zephyr’s network to showcase your property
- Schedule open house(s) and broker tours

Gather Feedback

- Follow up with all agents showing property for feedback
- Collect statistics on every open house and broker tour
- Conduct weekly review of showings, statistics, and
feedback with sellers
- Re-evaluate pricing if no offers within 14 - 21 days

Review Offers and
Negotiate Contracts

- Create a spreadsheet of offers price, contingencies and
financing terms
- Review offers with sellers
- Develop and implement counter offer strategies
- Negotiate and ratify contract
- Ensure delivery of contract to Title Company

Phase 3

Initial Escrow Period

- Report “Pending Sale” to MLS and place “Pending” sign
on property
- Secure and negotiate “back up” offers
- Confirm key escrow dates and requirements with buyer’s agent
- Verify buyer’s agent and buyer have received all
disclosures, inspections, and reports

Transaction Review

- Audit and confirm all documents are properly signed
and acknowledged
- Resolve any issues arising from buyer’s review of
disclosures and inspections
- Confirm progress on buyer’s loan application, appraisal, conditions, and document delivery time frame

Contingency Removal

- Review any repair requests
- Negotiate repairs (if needed)
- Manage contingency removals for property condition
and financing
- Confirm closing date
- Schedule final walk-through
- Change status on Multiple Listing Service to
“Do Not Show”

Record and Close Escrow

- Review document package with sellers
- Confirm sign-off dates
- Attend final walk-through
- Sign-off and funding
- Exchange keys
- Escrow is closed

Phase 4


- Change mailing address for all bank accounts, bills,
magazine subscriptions if mail was being delivered to
sold property


- Contact The San Francisco Real Estate Group
about reinvesting into another property or
investment opportunity

Tax Planning

- Refer to The San Francisco Real Estate Group for
any resources or documents you may need
for tax professionals


- Update estate plan and trust to remove sold
property address
- Consider meeting with financial planner to
update financial plan

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